From my learning’s and experiences, the major problem I identified hampering the growth in Uttar Pradesh was pinned down to lack of reliable infrastructure, lack of engineering expertise, low knowledge on availability of newer better electrical products and poor training of linemen, craftsmen and foremen in carrying out electrical work. This resulted in frequent failure of electrical machinery and equipment, along with high rate transmission losses and loss of capital and invaluable life.

With the inception of Nilmatha Electrical Work Pvt. Ltd, the idea to promote high quality products at most reasonable prices got into effect. The rooted to earth approach and humble beginning of Nlmatha LED is the driving force that motivates us to achieve success by serving our esteemed customers.

Our team believes that the potential in Uttar Pradesh is among the highest in India. However, due to ignorance of technological advancements, energy efficient products, provisioning of solar power, a large part of this potential is untapped with low penetration of quality and reliable electrical goods. The goal of Nilmatha Electrical work pvt ltd is to supply electrical products that solve the most complex and critical problems of customers and tap the unexplored potential in all dimensions of Electrical Trade in the biggest state of India.